Confounding the Eye: “Breaking Pattern” at Minus Space, New York

Chosen for  THERESPONSIVEI.COM  by Eva Zanardi  

The exhibition “Confounding the Eye: Breaking Pattern” opens at Minus Space in Brooklyn, New York through April 18, 2015.

Anoka Faruqee, ‘2013P 84 (Wave)’, 2013, acrylic on linen on panel, 45 x 45 inches.
Gabriele Evertz, ‘Grays and Metallics (Aedicula)’, from the “Black Room Series”, 2014, acrylic on canvas over wood, 60 x 60 inches.
Michael Scott, ‘#98’, 2012, black gloss enamel on aluminum, 63 x 63 inches.
Gilbert Hsiao, ‘Dual’, 2008, acrylic on shaped panel, 36 x 80 inches.

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