Images Moving Out Onto Space – exhibition

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BridgetRiley “Nataraja”,1993

Upcoming exhibition “Images Moving Out Onto Space” opens at Tate St Ives from 23 May to 27 September 2015.

From the press release of the exhibition,

What happens when art works are set in motion? When they move around the gallery or out into the world? “Images Moving Out Onto Space” is an exhibition that asks these questions. The galleries are animated by light, colour and movement, and are full of bodies in all kinds of different states: flattened and fragmented, illuminated and reflected.

The exhibition brings together eight artists, with works spanning fifty years. The title and inspiration for “Images Moving Out Onto Space” is borrowed from a series of psychedelic kinetic sculptures that Cornwall-based artist Bryan Wynter began to make in the 1960s. The exhibition uses this series, Wynter’s ‘IMOOS’, to think about how abstraction can move us.

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