Spotlight: Sean Newport @SCOPE NY 2016

 Chosen for  THERESPONSIVEI.COM  by Eva Zanardi  

“The Responsive I” went scouring SCOPE NY 2016 for the best artists and Sean Newport, at Cordesa Fine Art gallery, was one of the highlights:

Sean Newport is a San Francisco based artist whose work varies from design to sculpture. Sean was a original creators of Engine Works, an artist collective founded in 2010 in San Francisco’s historic Mission district. Working primarily as a woodworker, Sean has honed his skills as a carpenter to fine artist over the past 5 years. Conceptually, his sculptures deal with perceived notions of reality and the idea of creating a digital aesthetic through analogue processes. To achieve this, Sean manipulates wood into three-dimensional shapes, then paints and arranges them into a vibration of glowing patterns, the result is a mesmerizing display of geometric design.

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