Exhibition: Franco Costalonga at GR gallery NY

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GR gallery                                                                                                                                                        255 Bowery, New York – NY, 10002

Visitor Information: Tue‐ Sat 12:00pm – 7:00pm


GR gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of the Italian artist and kinetic and op art innovator Franco Costalonga. On view, thirty of his works from the Seventies until today, including his best known series “Oggetti Cromocinetici”, “Riflex”, “Gradienti di Luminosità” and “Mokubi”. The exhibition will focus on the artist’s most kinetic works, powered by motors and illuminated by light bulbs, such as “Riflex” and “Oggetti Cromocinetici”.

Opening reception:  Friday May 27,  2016,  6:00pm  ‐  9:00pm
(Exhibition Dates: May 28– July 17, 2016)

PRESS RELEASE Franco Costalonga Exhibition FINAL

Franco Costalonga “Lente Cromocinetica Doppia”, 1990, mixed media, 29.5×29,5 in.
23-Riflex, 1990, mixed media with electromotor, 29.5x29.5 in
Franco Costalonga, “Riflex”, 1990,mixed media with electromotor and light bulbs, 29,5×29,5 in.
Oggetto Cromocinetico
Franco Costalonga, “Oggetto Cromocinetico”, 2004, mixed media, 31,5×31,5 in.
29-Onde Gravitazionali, 2015, mixed media with light bulbs, 31.5x31.5 in.
Franco Costalonga, “Onde Gravitazionali”, 2015, mixed media with lightbulbs, 31,5×31,5 in.
11-Oggetto Quadro ruotante Random, 1975, mixed media with electromotor, 29.5x29.5in
Franco Costalonga,”Oggetto Quadro Ruotante Random”, 1975, mixed media with electromotor, 29,5×29,5 in.
Franco Costalonga, “Mokubi”, 1976, mixed media, 35,4×35,4 in.
Sfera cromocinetican 2004
Franco Costalonga, “Cilindretti Ruotante”, 1975, mixed media with electromotor, 29,5×29,5 in.
Lente Cromocinetica, 2004, mixed media, 39.4x39.4 in
Franco Costalonga “Lente Cromocinetica”, 2004, mixed media, 39,4×39,4 in.
28-Onde Gravitazionali, 2014, mixed media with light bulbs, 31.5x31.5 in
Franco Costalonga, “Onde  Gravitazionali”, 2014, mixed media with light bulbs, 31,5×31,5

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